Our setups are covered by a 30 day limited replacement warranty. We are a small private company, not a big corporation, therefore we strive to treat you with respect and resolve issues accordingly. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.


Altering the setup in any way after purchase will void the warranty. This includes, but not limited to, removing or replacing accessories or wiring.

Texas LS Motors will only honor warranty claims from the original purchaser. Introducing a 3rd party (shop/installer) will void the warranty. Unfortunately, introducing a 3rd party removes the ability to control handling, proper installation and opportunity of mechanical abuse or mishandling. In the case a replacement is deemed appropriate, Texas LS Motors will not pay for the removal or re-installation of the failed component. Texas LS Motors will provide a replacement part to the original purchaser. In the case shipping is necessary, Texas LS Motors will not cover the shipping cost of the replacement part. Texas LS Motors is not responsible for damage during transport or shipping.

The warranty does not cover:

*Replacement of oil

*Trans fluid or any other substance

*Loss of time / income or loss of use of the vehicle

*Towing charges

*Rentals, or

*Lodging Storage fees

*Diagnostic time or labor charges

*Injury or death to persons or damage or destruction of property